About “Get Startup Funding”

As you’ve probably seen, this is a library of successful VC investment pitches. The purpose of putting them together is to help founders craft successful VC/angel investment pitch decks by showing them how those who succeeded in raising funds did it.

We’ve also filtered these decks based on startups that failed — that’s not to put any judgement onto them, rather be thankful for their courage to explore their idea.

If anything, we owe more to these people and have more to learn from them than from the unicorn founders. They burned themselves so that we can know not to pursue a certain idea/execution. Here’s to them, respectfully ?

Why do this? Why make this website and put these decks together?

We’re a design agency that helps SaaS companies reduce user churn. More often than not, startups founders (so not just SaaS founders) reach out to us for help or guidance and there’s been an increase lately in numbers of those who ask for help in regards to raising funds.

Myself, Ch Daniel, write daily for SaaS companies. One of my core/fundamental theses is put together in a piece called “The Future Of Freemium: How To Get People’s Attention”.

In a sentence, I describe how in the future more and more companies will adhere to this ideology:

Businesses will create cash-burning products which justify their costs of operation because of the amount of high-quality attention their main activity gets.

“Get Startup Funding” is me eating my own dog food.

This website will never have any ads or anything like that — because of the amount of good-quality people that I believe it will put us in touch with.

Our name is not an advertisement, but a signature. Just like Michelin who, as a tire-making company, took upon themselves the responsibility of growing the travel industry, instead of over-marketing their tires.

Why did they do that? There were only 350 cars in France in 1900. And hey, you know what I’m saying — the 3 Michelin-stars restaurants are a consequence of the Red Guide they put out in 1900. This is my favourite story, see the article linked above for the full details.

We love startup founders, we love helping them as long as we’re able to do it — and if not, we simply like chatting with those who reach out. The startup community has its shortcoming (as we’re humans), but it’s a lovely community.

Truly hoping this website will help not only raise money, but also help you impact the world for the better.


Ch Daniel