WeWork: $382K VC investment turned into $50B. WeWork’s initial pitch deck

The We Company is a platform for creators that transforms buildings into dynamic environments for creativity, focus, and collaboration.

How WeWork looked like in the early days

Below is the first version of WeWork’s website that dates back to February 2011. I understand that there’s stigma these days around their name, but we have to give them credit for having the same more or less vision from the beginning of the decade.

WeWork's website February 2011
WeWork’s website February 2011

Coming up next is how WeWork’s website looked exactly a year from what we’ve just seen. Notice how throughout these screengrabs they’re definitely standing out, whether they’re putting their visual explanation in a frame or… well I don’t know how to explain what’s below.

WeWork’s website in September 2012

And one year later, in 2013, they were showing this on the website. Dare I say I’d put the name “visionary” next to what they do design-wise since it remind me of 2016+ restaurant websites.

I’m not saying they came up with something new, as both today’s day restaurant websites and their 2013 website draw inspiration from old-school diner menus.

WeWork’s website in 2013

WeWork’s Further Investment From Initial Pitch Deck

Jan 9, 2019Series H – The We Company$1BSoftBank
Jan 9, 2019Secondary Market – The We Company$1BSoftBank
Nov 13, 2018Funding Round – The We Company$3BSoftBank
Aug 9, 2018Debt Financing – The We Company$1BSoftBank
Apr 26, 2018Debt Financing – The We Company$702M
Aug 25, 2017Series G – The We Company$4.4BSoftBank Investment Advisers
Nov 12, 2016Series F – The We Company$690MHony Capital, Legend Holdings
Mar 25, 2015Series E – The We Company$433.9MGlade Brook Capital Partners
Oct 15, 2014Series D – The We Company$355MGoldman Sachs, T. Rowe Price, Wellington Management
Nov 20, 2013Series C – The We Company$150M
Feb 1, 2013Series B – The We Company$40M
Apr 1, 2012Series A – The We Company$17MBenchmark
Dec 30, 2011Seed Round – The We Company$6.9M
Oct 25, 2011Seed Round – The We Company$1M

WeWork growth stats

WeWork valuation growth

  • Jan 2019: $47 billion
  • Nov 2018: $45 billion
  • Jun 2018: $35 billion
  • Aug 2017: $20 billion
  • Mar 2016: $16 billion
  • Jun 2015: $10 billion
  • Dec 2014: $5 billion
  • Feb 2014: $1.5 billion
  • May 2013: $440 million
  • July 2012: $97 million
  • Oct 2011: $45 million

Investments (The We Company investing into other companies)

Feb 26, 2019Series A – Landit$13M
Dec 19, 2018Series C – The Wing$75M
Mar 9, 2018Convertible Note – Hargol FoodTech$360K
Nov 21, 2017Series B – The Wing$32M
Jun 13, 2017Grant – Victor Tech Inc$72K
Jun 1, 2017Grant – Brave Initiatives$72K
Feb 15, 2017Seed Round – Luna Lights$382K

WeWork’s Acquisitions

Apr 4, 2019Managed by Q acquired by The We Company
Feb 7, 2019Euclid acquired by The We Company
Sep 12, 2018$100MTeem acquired by The We Company
May 16, 2018MissionU acquired by The We Company
Apr 11, 2018$400MNaked Hub acquired by The We Company
Mar 6, 2018Conductor acquired by The We Company
Nov 28, 2017Meetup acquired by The We Company
Oct 23, 2017Flatiron School acquired by The We Company
Aug 11, 2017Unomy acquired by The We Company
Aug 6, 2017Spacemob acquired by The We Company
Jun 7, 2017Fieldlens acquired by The We Company
Mar 18, 2016Welkio acquired by The We Company
Aug 5, 2015CASE acquired by The We Company

Source: Crunchbase.com and Jon Erlichman

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